Who Are the Most Famous Dentists?

influential dentists in modern times and throughout history

November 14, 2023 Written By: Joyce Kahng, DDS

When most people think of the word “dentist,” they often don’t think “famous.” With that said, there are actually quite a few influential dentists both in modern times and throughout history.

Below are modern-day influential dentists, some of the most famous dentists in history, and dental podcasters/Youtubers.

Influential Modern Dentists

There are plenty of fantastic, trend-setting, and influential dentists alive today! Below are some of the most influential modern dentists:


Howard Farran has been involved in the field of dentistry for over 30 years. He graduated from UMKC School of Dentistry in 1987 and started a family practice in Phoenix. He went on to launch Dentaltown.com in 1999, which has grown to over 200,000 users. This website offers educational courses and forums for dentists and is an outstanding resource.


Martha Somerman is the director of NIDCR and leads scientific research in the field of oral health and disease. Martha was dean at the University of Washington School of Dentistry and started teaching at the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery in 1984.

Martha Somerman, DDS, Ph.D also studies how cells and signals affect bones, teeth, and tissues in the mouth. She looks to find better ways to regenerate oral cells. The NIDCR has funded amazing research under her leadership, which includes finding 41 genes linked to gum disease.


O’Loughlin is the first woman executive director of the ADA, dentistry’s trade association. Kathleen started the position in June 2009 and has previous experience as a dentist, a CEO, and an insurer. She launched a centralized credentialing service for all dentists.


Rick Workman is the founder of Heartland Dental, which is a dental support organization that helps dentists and team members with non-clinical tasks and services. He remains the Executive Chairman of Heartland Dental, which supports over 750 dental offices in 34 states. He has been a healthcare professional for over 35 years. He won the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award and was ADSO (Association of Dental Support Organization) president.

Who Are the Most Famous Dentists in History?

Dental history goes back very far and there are a lot of big names that have made a difference in the field. Here are some of the most famous dentists throughout the history of the field of dentistry:


Considered one of the first dentists in history, Hesy-Ra practiced dentistry way back in Ancient Egypt!

William Morton

William Morton was a dental surgeon that practiced back in the 1800s. He helped to make anesthesia during dentistry a more accepted practice, which is great for all of us!

Annie Praed

Annie Praed is a real trendsetter, as she is the first female dentist in Australia. She opened her own solo practice and was even a leader of the Australian dental association.

Pierre Fauchard

Pierre is often referred to as the “Father of Modern Dentistry.” Before Pierre, most dentists simply pulled teeth at festivals and fairs. Pierre’s work “Le Chirurgien Dentiste” revolutionized dentistry and changed the way it was practiced for years to come.

Dentists with Podcasts or YouTube Channels

Whether you are a dentist looking to learn more about the field or you are a patient that would like to learn more about an upcoming procedure, you may be looking for some helpful resources. Below are some fantastic dentists that have educational podcasts or YouTube channels:

Cosmedent Inc

The Comsedent Inc YouTube change has 56,000 subscribers, making it a pretty big channel for dentistry on the platform. Their outstanding dentists offer insight into different cosmetic dentistry techniques. They also review products. The company specializes in cosmetic dental courses and supplies. On the channel, dentists discuss procedures and topics that include composite bonding, veneer and crown installation, and more.

Link: Cosmedent, Inc. – YouTube

Dr. Teeth

Run by Dr. Hina Malik, The Dr. Teeth channel is a super popular YouTube channel for dentistry. It currently has over 100,000 followers! Dr. Malik is an excellent educator, and she discusses many different topics on this channel. Some of these topics include anatomy, orthodontics, cancer treatment, implantology, and more. The Dr. Teeth channel provides dental courses for students that are extremely beneficial. The videos are also helpful for dentists looking for a refresher.

Link: Dr Teeth – YouTube

Hygiene Edge

If you are a dentist looking to become more knowledgeable and hone your skills, Hygiene Edge may be the exact channel you are looking for. The channel has over 80,000 subscribers and helps students to visualize techniques. There are lots of how-to guides that allow students to better understand common procedures.

Link: Hygiene Edge – YouTube

Your Dental Success

This podcast has around 70 episodes that you can listen to, with a range of different topics. These include cosmetic services, marketing, and even getting ready for retirement. It’s a great resource!

Link: Your Dental Success Podcast: Digital Marketing For Dentists | SEO | Dental Website Design | Inspiration on Apple Podcasts

The Thriving Dentist Show

For dentists looking for tips to better run their practice, this is a great show. Gary Takacs goes through how to grow your practice, create balance in your life, and ensure patients keep their appointments!

Link: Podcast Show – Thriving Dentist with Gary Takacs

Dental Marketing Mastery

If you are a dentist looking for a top dental marketing professional to show you the ropes when it comes to growing your practice, you’ll find Howie Horrocks and Mark Dilatush are great guys to follow. The Dental Marketing Mastery podcast has over 100 episodes of quality content.

Link: Dental Marketing Mastery on Apple Podcasts


Learn More!

There are so many famous dentists making a real impact on the field. Make sure you read up on the dentists and channels discussed above to learn more about the field of dentistry, where the field comes from, and where it is heading in the future!

Smile Smarter,
Dr. Joyce

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