About Dr. Joyce Kahng

Dr. Joyce Kahng is a Korean American cosmetic dentist, Mom, and practice owner of Orange + Magnolia Dental Studio

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As someone who is a self-proclaimed “cavity prone person”, Dr. Kahng is on a mission to help others who feel like they don’t truly understand why cavities occur. One of the problems she sees in the industry is that oral hygiene has been oversimplified to *just brushing and flossing*, which does not help people understand their risk factors and the complexity of oral disease.

She also takes pride in recommending products that have modern formulations, less chemicals, and are biocompatible with the oral environment.

“My goal is to empower people with current dental research & recommendations, but presented in a more digestible and entertaining format.” – Dr. Joyce

Dr. Kahng has over 12+ years of experience as a practicing clinician and was a former professor in the Department of Restorative Dentistry at USC’s Dental School.

Dr. Kahng also loves to share behind the scenes knowledge of her experiences as a female practice owner while balancing her role as a mother. #womenindentistry

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