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Flosses without PFAS

What are PFAS?

PFA = Polyfluoroalkyl Substance

PFAS are carcinogenic chemicals that take awhile to leave the body and break down. They are linked to kidney and testicular cancer, decreased semen quality, and ulcerative colitis.

The reason PFAS are used on floss is to provide a slick coating for floss to slip in between the teeth. Think Teflon coating on pans.

According to the ADA, there is insufficient science to CONFIRM whether PFA coated flosses are safe or not. There aren’t enough quality studies YET. In response to the study β€œSerum Concentrations of PFASs and Exposure-related Behaviors in African American and Non-Hispanic White Women,” the ADA stated there was insufficient support for the conclusions presented.

However, why take the chance? There are SOOO MANY great floss options that do NOT contain PFAS that this should not be an issue. Here is a list:

List of Flosses FREE of PFAS:

🦷 COCOFLOSS – Coated with Coconut Oil

🦷 HELLO PRODUCTS – Coated with Vegan Candilla Wax

🦷 RADIUS – Silk Floss

🦷 BOKA – Coated with Beeswax

🦷 BURST ORAL CARE – Coated with microcrystalline wax

🦷 DR TUNGS Smart Floss

🦷 RISEWELL CO -Coated w vegan wax + HA

Oral B Glide is the predominant floss with PFAS

Hope this quick list helps, and please comment below if there are any others you would like to add!

Dr. Joyce Kahng

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